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About Wireless Technology  

A constant challenge facing information technology managers is identifying and implementing architectures and technologies that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of corporate networks. One way to achieve this is through wireless networking. Wireless implementations can often compliment and/or replace an existing wired infrastructure. Companies that integrate these systems will stretch IT resources and be able to reap economic and business benefits sooner than companies taking a wait-and-see approach. VARTech Services can help you to realize these benefits. Utilizing wireless LANs, users can access shared resources without needing a place to plug-in. Also network administrators can set up or augment their network without installing or moving any wires. VARTech Services can offer you the following wireless networking advantages: Mobility, Installation Speed, Reduced Cost-of-Ownership, and Scalability.

Wireless LANs enable users to establish and maintain a wireless network connection throughout or between buildings, without the limitations of cables or wires.  An indoor wireless LAN is more flexible than a wired LAN and can be a better budget choice.  Or, if you have more than one location with line-of-site, from a hundred feet up to 25 miles, we can bridge your LANs. If you have internet connectivity at one site, we can bring it in to the other sites. No additional monthly charges.


Internal LAN application or Building to Building
Full range of IEEE 802.11 compliant products
ISM Band License free operation
2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Technology
Distances up to 7Km outdoors and 400M indoors
Low error rates BER of .0001 or less
Full product warranty, Global support and Industry Leadership

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