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Memory Upgrade

Memory is key to computer system performance. Upgrade to 128MB to boost your Gazelle's performance as you run several applications at the same time.

128MB to 256MB 100MHz SDRAM $311
64MB to 256MB 100MHz SDRAM $414
64MB to 128MB 100MHz SDRAM



Hard Drive Upgrade

Get the hard drive capacity you need for all your software applications, documents, games, internet downloads, and multimedia files.

13.0GB to 17.3GB Hard Drive $14
8.4GB to 17.3GB Hard Drive $37
8.4GB to 13.0GB Hard Drive $23
8.4GB to 10.8GB Hard Drive $12
6.4GB to 10.8GB Hard Drive $25
6.4GB to 8.4GB Hard Drive $14

Monitor Upgrade

Upgrade your monitor for greater screen size and resolution.

ADI 15" to 17" Color Monitor $127
ADI 17" to 21" Color Monitor $536
ADI 17" to 19" Color Monitor $161

Video Card Upgrade

Upgrade to the ATI All-In-Wonder Video Card to watch TV on your PC and more.

ATI XPERT to All-In-Wonder 128


ATI XPERT to All-In-Wonder Pro


ATI Charger to ATI All-In-Wonder


DVD/CD-ROM Upgrade

Upgrade to the DVD-ROM drive for theater-quality video. You can still use your standard CD-ROMs.

40X CD-ROM to DVD III Drive


Network Interface Card Add-On

Add networking capability to your computer with a network interface card.

3-COM (905TX) 10/100 Base-T


C-NET PCI 10/100 Base-T


Zip Drive Add-On

Add an Iomega 100 MB Zip Drive to back up or transport your important files.

Add Iomega 100MB Int. Zip Drive $96
Add Iomega 250MB Int. Zip Drive $179
3-Tape Pack $49
10-Tape Pack $99

Operating System Upgrade

Upgrade the Operating System to MS Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or NT Server 4.0 for better network and web server support.

Windows 98 to NT 4.0 Workstation $105
Windows 98 to NT 4.0 Server
(5 User License)
MS Back Office $1386

Printer / Scanner Add-Ons

Add high-quality printing and scanning solutions.

Add HP DeskJet 710C $185
Add HP DeskJet 830C $245
Add HP OfficeJet 630 All-In-One (Color Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier) $388
Add HP LaserJet 1100xi $499
Add HP ScanJet 4200Cxi $242

Software Add-Ons

Here's just a sample of software titles you can choose to personalize your Gazelle PC.  For additional titles, click here.

MS Office 2000 Small Business (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Small Business Tools) $239
McAfee Anti-Virus $45
Quicken Deluxe 99 $89
MS Project 98 $450

Prices listed are as of December 12, 1999.  Prices are subject to change without notice.