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What is VARTech Services?

VARTech Services is a dynamic computer company, offering several lines of personal computer systems, software, and customer-focused computer solutions. The "VAR" in VARTech stands for Value-Added Resources and describes how the company views its relationship to its customers - a place where customers can find more than hardware and software, but a valuable personal and business resource.

What products and services are provided by VARTech Services?

VARTech Services has 3 primary lines of business: Systems, Software, and Solutions. In the Systems category, VARTech Services offers several lines of personal computers, including its own lines, the Gazelle Pro Series and Gazelle Personal Series. VARTech also sells laptops, printers, scanners, and other computer hardware and peripherals.  In the Software category, VARTech sells major software titles such as Microsoft Office Professional, Quicken, McAfee Anti-Virus, and others. In the Solutions category, VARTech consultants provide a host of computer services to create real solutions for its customers.   These solutions span a range which includes computer networking, web site development, office automation, business management consulting, and application development.

Where is VARTech Services located?

VARTech Services is based in the Atlanta, Georgia  Metropolitan area, but services clients throughout the United States.

How can I get more information?

For more information, please email VARTech Services or call either 770-682-0667 (in Georgia) or 888-997-1234 (toll free).


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